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Are you shopping to lower your insurance cost, spending all day on the web completing online applications in effort to reduce your cost of insurance? Stop wasting your time, let a 1st Quality Insurance licensed agent work for you to locate the lowest insurance price saving hundreds, plus eliminating the frustrations of online shopping.

When we say, “You Select the Insurance, We Shop, You Save Hundreds!”, we mean it. We will do all the shopping for you. All you have to do is give us what type of insurance you are looking for and we will do the rest. No gimmicks, no tricks, no catches. We will make sure to give you the lowest price possible from many different competitors. 1st Quality Insurance agents use 21st century technology to obtain quotes from over 15 participating companies to identify the best price available. The insurance companies compete for your business. In addition, as a 1st Quality Insurance client, your representative will continue to shop for the best price each year with more than 15 leading national insurance companies. No matter if you are looking for auto insurance, homeowners insurance and motorcycle insurance. If you own a business we have many great commercial policies as well. Also, when you are with 1st quality insurance and have a bundle package, you save even more money. You are always guaranteed the lowest Price. Call 1st Quality Insurance today at 800-985-6817


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