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Golf Cart Insurance

Golf Cart Insurance

1st Quality Insurance Golf Cart Insurance

Now you can insure your golf cart on and off the course. When it comes to protecting property that is as specialized as your golf cart, you need customized golf cart insurance coverage.

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If you use your Golf Cart for more than just cruising down the fairways, it may be smart for you to purchase Golf Cart insurance. If you live in a retirement community, in large community or even if you have a large portion of land to cover, a golf cart is the ultimate convenience tool. Why walk miles from one end of your community to the other when you can ride in style?

Golf Cart insurance can protect you if your homeowners insurance does not cover your ride. As long as it is only used for personal reasons, our Golf Cart policy can provide coverage for:

  • Injuries
  • Property Damage
  • Collisions
  • Cart Accessories
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Cart Transport by Trailer

What would you do if your Golf Cart was out of commission? Could you handle walking the entire golf course or the whole length of your living community? With Golf Cart Insurance, you won’t have to find out what it’s like to be without your ride.

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