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RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV Insurance

Get RV Insurance, compare and save a bundle on Motor Home and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance with a no-obligation online rate quote from America’s leading insurance companies. Insure your Motor Home to protect against liability for injuries to others as well as comprehensive and collection protection. Maximum discounts are always applied. Because your road trip should be fun, we want to make sure you have the right insurance to protect you from a financial loss. 1st Quality RV insurance consultants provide much more than just inexpensive motor home insurance; we are committed to the highest standard of service.

What you can expect from RV insurance Policies.

RV Liability Insurance

RVs are subject to liability issues beyond collisions. For example, propane tanks and system leaks contribute to fires more often than you’d like to know. If your policy required smoke, carbon monoxide or gas detectors, make sure yours are working and have fresh batteries. Make sure you maintain your propane systems. If your RV is lost to a fire, you risk damage to neighboring RVs or park property, as well. Get liability coverage sufficient to cover losses beyond your own.

Rental RV Insurance

If you plan on renting an RV look into our RV insurance policies before you settle for what the rental company gives you. You may get better coverage or premiums with your own policy. Remember that the rental agency is protecting its own investment and liability, not yours, so look out for yourself and get a policy that protects you as well.

Loss Replacement

If your RV suffers a total loss, this benefit covers replacement of your RV. Depending upon its age, your coverage will vary, but the benefit chosen should be sufficient to buy an RV of equal value to your loss.

Full-Timers Insurance

Full-timers insurance will replace their personal belongings, and provide comprehensive personal liability and additional living expenses. RV insurance policies are the best and lowest priced guaranteed.

Personal Property Insurance

This policy specifically covers personal items you bring into your RV: clothing, kitchenware, tools, equipment, TV, computers, etc. This is worth considering in the event your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the full replacement value of these items.

Attached Accessories

Did you know that your RV policy may not cover the attached accessories such as your awnings or TV antenna? Ask about adding this coverage.

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