1st Quality Insurance Group Business/Producer Partner Program

Discover America’s best Property and Casualty insurance Agency Career & Ownership opportunity with no up front capital investment and low monthly service fees. 1st Quality Insurance Group is your first step to insurance agency ownership providing a career path and opportunity for long term rewards. You control your net worth and financial future.

1st Quality Insurance Group refers to this unique program as a partner having all the benefits of ownership without high monthly services fees.”


BUSINESS PARTNER: 1st Quality Insurance Producer Partners earn the opportunity to be Business Partners once their client premium volume reaches $250,000. Agent/producer clients who own an existing insurance agency or a book of insurance can start immediately as a Business Partner. Mergers and start-ups are both welcome. 1st Quality Business/Producer Partner provides all the benefits of franchise ownership at a very low upfront investment and low monthly recurring fees.

  • PRODUCER PARTNER: 1st Quality Insurance Group is committed to the success of each Producer Partner. Regardless if you have just obtained you Property and Casualty license or are a seasoned professional with many years of experience, our objective is to create a marketing and support system to ensure your success. It is impossible to reach goals unless each Producer Partner is willing to contribute the effort success requires, those who do will excel. The tools, companies, and support system are in place, as well as the rewards. We appreciate your interest in an insurance career and welcome the opportunity to present your application to our executive committee.

HIgh Earnings - Ownership - Increase Net Worth

  • HIGH EARNINIGS: Higher than average commissions
  • BROAD MARKET APPETITE: Access to over 150 national, regional, and international companies (including admitted and excess & surplus) that can consider almost any risk. In addition, we have access to life & health and annuity.
  • NATIONAL ACCESS: 1st Quality operates nationally providing Business/Producer Partners the ability to place business in many states. Your only requirement is a non-residence license.
  • TRAINING: Online training by a seasoned industry professional staff dedicated to your success. Business & Producer Partners have access to a number of company tutorials and weekly webinars.
  • LOCAL SUPPORT: Local Account Manager/ Account Executive seasoned professionals are assigned to each Producer Partner to assist with ongoing training, coverage recommendations, target/appetites, as well as quoting and proposals. They are committed, motivated, and rewarded for your success. In addition, department specialists are available to provide opportunities for the larger more complex risks to assure your clients receive the risk management and pricing demanded.
  • OWNERSHIP: Each new client builds the Business/Producer Partner’s net worth. The larger the client base, the higher your commission income, as well as your personal net worth. Regardless of the path, the agent/producer owns their business. There are no up front or management fees. It is easy to merge an existing book or agency.

Business Plan - Professional Support - Service Center - More Time For Sales

  • 1st Quality invites agents seeking a unique long-term career opportunity, and are willing to contribute the effort and discipline success requires to join our team as a Business/Producer Partner Agent.  1st Quality has a high interest in assisting you to reach your financial goals and the freedom and financial benefits that are available.
  • Whether you are an agency owner, own an insurance book, or a producer/agent who is seeking ownership opportunity, one of the major advantages 1st Quality Insurance Group offers it’s Business/Producer Partners central support for day-to-day customer service.
  • This is accomplished by utilizing insurance companies national service centers and personal assigned account managers and executive, These teams of professionals assure service to your clients are not compromised. Business/Producer Partners can focus their time developing client relationships and growing their agency reducing the time agent traditionally contribute to client service.
  • Business/Producer Partners have more time to plan and develop new business strategies and setting goals in effort to secure their  financial future, as well as, build net worth. Each gets to do the tasks they enjoy most, client development through sales and marketing. Unfortunately, many small agency owners spend more time serving their clients instead of prospecting new one.  Service issues take away the time necessary to organize and implement  new business growth.

Business/Producer Partner Agent Career Descriptions

  • PRIVATE CLIENT INSURANCE ADVISOR (PCIA):  including limited experienced agent/producers, targeting small business commercial and personal lines.
  • MULTI-LINES COMMERCIAL SPECIALIST (MLCS): a seasoned commercial agent/producer with the experience and ability to manage the larger prospects or clients, focusing on a specific target industry or broad all-industry generalist.
  • LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE SPECIALIST (LHIS): career opportunities for self-motivated insurance professional interested in high income, secured future and building equity interest targeting life, health and annuities based on agent producer experience.
  • HOME BASED REMOTE CALL CENTER AGENT (RCCA): agent producer developing insurance clients, targeting commercial and/or personal lines prospects. Leads are provided for select targets. Each agency is most comfortable promoting from various sources including PPC and SEO internet driven. Take advantage of 21st century technology, working from home, as well as developing personal prospects and building a financial future. IT will assist with home office set up, including providing an internet office phone that makes communication seamless. Quote and bind from the comfort of your home office.
  • SALES & MARKETING TERRITORY MANAGER (SMTM): qualified candidates with prior management experience can be considered for 1st Quality territory management positions in select markets. 1st Quality would welcome the opportunity to discuss its’ territory management program assisting agents in reaching their goal of agency ownership and new business growth. The rewards of assisting other to succeed as a motivator, educator, and mentor can be a rewarding experience. Territory Managers receive an override based on the total revenue earnings of their team members.

Leading Agency Software

  • MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: 1st Quality utilizes the national leading agency management software providing the Business/Producer Partners the opportunity to manage prospects, clients, and growth Each Business/Producer Partner is set up as a branch office with the ability to pull reports and manage their book growth in addition to reviewing client activity and commission earning. (Licensing Fee Required to manage your own book of business. Contact [email protected] for more information.)
  • COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS: Busines/Producer Partners can enter ACORD application online. Applications are entered online allowing for easy distribution to company underwriters and in-house account mangers.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT SURVEY: Business/Producer Partners have access to Rough Notes risk management and coverage applicable survey to review with clients providing an overview of coverages available and recommendations to assure exposures are not overlooked as well as your clients option of adding coverage. Over 1000 business risk manage surveys. You select the one that best meets the needs of your clients. Clients have the option to insure or reject recommendations providing professional insights few agents are able to share with their clients.  The concept is major in reducing professional errors and omissions exposure.
  • CLIENT SAFETY PROGRAM: Business/Producer Partners can make available a recommended safety plan with step by step instruction for your client to implement in their work place.  This is a service that can be offered with or without a fee.  Safety Programs are available to accommodate a wide range of business owners. .
    ON LINE RATTING: Personal Lines/Term Life Business/Producer Partners have the opportunity to quote online personal.
  • COMMERCIAL ONLINE QUOTING: Qualified agents including Small Business Specialist can quote online 1000s of small business by completing the application process.  Experience agents have the opportunity to also bind once management is comfortable. Travelers and Hartford are our primary company for these targets offering ability to quote a signal building of values to $15 million and totals schedule of $75 million.  They offer competitive pricing for preferred clients for package, business auto, workers compensation and commercial umbrella.
  • HARD TO PLACE BUSINESS: RPM Managing General Agency/Ramsgate www.rpmmga.com team of seasoned professional underwriters can assist with placement of the hard to place and more difficult classes of business as an excess and surplus Wholesale Broker.  In addition, national target programs are available, as well as direct access to the open brokerage markets. You will have your own in-house surplus line department working for you. Normally commissions are higher than when 1st Quality uses another wholesale broker.

Become A Partner

Business Partner - Benefits of Ownership

  • Ownership, control, long-term commitment, higher than average commission, and a professional support team assures the success of each Business Partner. The 1st Quality Insurance Group’s exclusive Business Partner opportunity is the best career option for the licensed property and casualty agent/producer professional interested in ownership and long-term financial rewards.
  • A major benefit of being a 1st Quality Business Partner is the opportunity to become an agency owner without capital investment and long-term commitments demanded by many franchises and cluster groups. Business Partners can build an asset for themselves in lieu of benefiting corporations or investors. Discover the advantage of agency ownership and long-term rewards that follow; it is the Business Partner Agent who decides their financial future and goals.
  • Due to the financial challenges of most agents who do not have resources to invest in agency ownership careers are often limited to salaried or low commission earning with corporate benefiting most from the effort you contribute. As a 1st Quality Business Partner, you are the benefactor without the risk of investing.
  • 1st Quality Insurance Group, 1qig.com, operates as a national independent agency/broker. Our national network of seasoned insurance professional underwriters and account managers are capable of reviewing and quoting almost any type of business. Our efforts assure agents are receiving competitive pricing and quality coverage with leading insurance companies.
  • If you currently own an agency or a book of business, 1st Quality welcomes the opportunity to discuss the advantage of merging without compromising ownership or compensation.

Leads - Personalized Marketing Plan - ECommerce - New Business Development

  • INSURANCE AGENT ERRORS AND ODMISION INSURANCE: Coverage is provided for Business/Producer Partner with A-rated Company with high limits.
  • NEGOTIABLE BASE: Limited to Business Partner Producers who own an existing book or agency owner merging their book.
  • SALES LEAD and MARKETING SUPPORT: 1st Quality e-commerce and marketing departments will assist in developing a lead prospect system to accommodate each Business/Producer Partner’s efforts though providing prospect x-dates, internet leads, local pay-per-click, purchased lists, and direct mail. Our state of the art website will drive leads in your area, utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media network marketing designed for your success.
  • SALES MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE: 1st Quality Insurance Group utilizes one the nation’s top ranked sales and management software systems to assist Business/Producer Partners with managing leads, prospects, and time wisely to make the most productivity of each day and opportunity. Usage has proven to accelerate building client network and increase income. AMS Pipeline Manager is designed specifically for property and casualty insurance agents.
  • BRAND SPECIALIST: Business/Producer Partners have the opportunity to select from over 40 national brands or departments as a specialist representing thousands of target classes. Each brand has it own web address and landing page to provide an overview of coverage and targets to prospects.
  • BRAND SPECIALIST: Business/Producer Partners have the opportunity to select from over 40 national brands or departments as a specialist representing thousands of target classes. Each brand has it own web address and landing page to provide an overview of coverage and targets to prospects.
  • WHOLESALE BROKER, EXCESS & SURPLUS, HARD TO PLACE:  Ramsgate Insurance has partnered with 1st Quality Insurance Group to ensure that each Business/Producer Partner has access to their companies, in addition to those represented directly by 1st Quality Insurance Group. Their appetite is broad and constantly expanding as market and economic trends change offering higher commission than other wholesalers.

Become A Partner

Other Opportunities

  • MANAGEMENT/RECRUITING OPPORTUNITIES: If you are an agency owner and seasoned insurance professional, the opportunity to recruit and manage Producer Partners in your local territory is available.
  • PROFIT SHARING: Producer Partners who qualify can participate in profit sharing incentives and other promotions offered by the various companies that are represented.
  • PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES: Awards and bonus are provided for accomplishment and meeting performance goal.
  • BOOK ROLLS & BONUS COMPENSATION: A book roll or book transfer agreement by a producer to move policies from a specified insurance company to us, as well as, new business override: an increase in compensation for new policies in one or more product lines, for a defined period of time.
  • HEALTH & LIFE DIVISION: Approved business partners are encourage to take advantage of 1st Quality broad range of coverage available through its Life and Health Division, This division is only available to  Business Partners with an active life and health license, do not need a Property & Casual license to apply.

Q+ Agent Incentive Program

1st Quality Q+ Agent Incentive Program (Exclusive to our Business/Producer Partner Technology, Ecommerce & Software Services Participants).

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