Life & Health Insurance Claim

We are committed to an efficient, organized life insurance claims process devoid of hassle and red tape because we understand the passing of a loved one creates plenty of stress on its own.

For health insurance claims, although you may file them yourself, your doctor or health care provider will often file the claim for you. This is most common when you use in-network providers. If you use an out-of-network provider, the provider might file the claim for you or they might not. You’ll have to ask. If your out-of-network provider doesn’t file the claim, you’ll have to do so. Most health plans have a paper or online form they require for filing a claim.

After the Accident or Loss:

Accidents or losses can vary in severity. It could be the passing of a loved one or the diagnosis of a critical illness or even cancer. Here are some guidelines on what to do after an accident or loss:

    Life Insurance Claims

  • Find the life insurance company name.
  • Get the death certificate.
  • Fill out the company’s claim paperwork.
  • Send in the paperwork.
  • Wait for the money.

Health Insurance Claims

  • Name of the doctor
  • Health care provider’s name and address
  • Date you got the care.
  • Insurance codes used to define your diagnosis and what kind of service your doctor provided

Reporting the Claim

You can report a claim in a number of different ways – online, over the phone, or with your mobile device. Below are links to tips on how to submit a claim for a specific coverage:

Life & Health Insurance Company Claim Centers

Below are links to our life & health insurance companies claim centers:

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