Specialty Insurance

In simple terms, specialty insurance is exactly what it sounds like: It’s insurance that can be purchased for items that are special or unique. Specialty insurance policies are important for items that are not typically covered under other insurance policies.

Specialty insurance with 1st Quality insurance

Collector/Antique Cars

Whether it be a vehicle pasted down through the generations, father and son project vehicle or just a toy for weekend cruising, you need to make sure that you get a good antique car insurance policy.

Collectibles/Fine Art Insurance

Protect your collectibles/Fine Arts for your cherished possessions. From jewelry to fine art to collectibles, most have people have more valuables than they realize. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may not cover their full value.


Both avid and occasional recreationists who understand that a specialty toy is an investment look for coverage that does more than just provide liability.

Farm & Ranch

Farm and Ranch owners have a different lifestyle than other businesses, which translates into unique insurance needs. Traditional coverage may not adequately respond to those needs.


Because a group’s special events and activities are not typically covered under standard accident policies, special risk accident insurance is available to help organizations and communities tailor coverage to their specific needs.

Personal Umbrella

A personal umbrella policy provides an extra layer of affordable liability protection over your existing homeowners and auto insurance policies.

More information about Specialty Insurance coverage types.

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Antique/Collector Car Insurance Coverage Consideration

Representing leading companies who know and specialize in providing best possible coverage and pricing for your collector or antique car. Two coverage types:

  • Agreed Cash Value – value total loss settlement. Before the policy activates, you as the car’s owner, the agent, and underwriters agree on the car’s value and insure it for that amount.
  • Stated Cash Value – pays the vehicle’s market value which it determines after the loss. If the market value has dropped since the policy was purchased, then that lower dollar amount is the payout.

Things to think about when choosing antique/collector car repairs

Car Shows/Clubs

Ask around at a car show or collector club. Word of mouth is a pretty reliable method to find a knowledgeable mechanic and experienced shop.

Car Model

Make sure the shop knows the make and model of your car. If a shop doesn’t have any cars like it in the garage, they’re probably not for you.


Ask for references. Good shops are proud of their work and keep records of satisfied customers. They will be happy to share.

Current Work

Look at cars they are working on now. If you see shoddy repair, stay away.

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Toy Coverage Consideration

Where you need to be careful is with your home insurance coverage limits for special items. In other words, you need to be sure that everything you’re carrying with you will be covered by your home insurance policy. Items of particularly high value should be individually identified on your homeowners insurance so your limits and premiums can be adjusted accordingly. If you’ve recently acquired a new item of particular value, you should always report it to your insurance provider.


Your homeowners policy will more than likely only cover liability.

Content Coverage

Make sure that the policy you choose covers content or that you request content coverage at an additional fee.

Separate Policy

To insure maximum coverage it is recommended to get a specialty insurance policy for your toy/s.

Insurance to protect your toys

Both avid and occasional recreationist who understand that a specialty toy is an investment look for coverage that does more than just provide liability.


Regardless if you own a Harley, Chopper, custom built bike, sportster, race bike, receive the best rates with maximum policy discounts. Offering broad insurance coverage to protect your ride, personal contents and liability.


Combined with a handful of model in sentence structures to generate you Lorem essentially unchanged. Owning a Jet Ski or WaveRunner can be very enjoyable for many people. However, these vehicles are powerful, and accidents can happen.


There is some miss understanding about some insurance policies, personal watercraft/jet ski insurance differ from boat coverage, but you can bundle the two and also save yourself some money in the process.

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An “agreed value” policy covers the boat based on its value when the policy was written. While it can cost more up front, there is no depreciation for a total loss of the boat (some partial losses may be depreciated). “Actual cash value” policies cost less up front, but factor in depreciation.

Golf Cart

If you use your Golf Cart for more than just cruising down the fairways, it may be smart for you to purchase Golf Cart insurance. If you live in a retirement community, in large community or even if you have a large portion of land to cover, a golf cart is the ultimate convenience tool.


Insure your Motor Home to protect against liability for injuries to others as well as comprehensive and collection protection. Because your road trip should be fun, we want to make sure you have the right insurance to protect you from a financial loss.

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More Information On Personal Umbrella Insurance

A Personal Umbrella Policy is a low-cost insurance policy that provides excess liability coverage above and beyond the limits of the liability coverage on your personal auto and homeowners policies.That’s why people have homeowners and auto insurance, but often claims can exceed the limits of these policies. So if you aren’t protected by a personal umbrella policy, you could be putting your house or financial assets at risk. Personal umbrella policies provided coverage for each of these insureds when the unexpected occurred.


Examples of liability that an umbrella policy may cover that a homeowner’s policy often excludes are false arrest, slander, invasion of privacy and libel.


Most personal umbrella losses are related to auto accidents, with a 2013 analysis finding that 78% of claims and 87% of losses related to autos.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Coverage examples

Run a stop sign, run a risk

The insured’s 26-year-old daughter was driving the insured vehicle when she pulled away from a stop sign, striking the claimant’s vehicle. The claimant had no stop sign at the intersection. The insured’s daughter was cited for failure to yield. Plaintiff (age 17) sustained multiple fractures to her jaw, scarring to the forehead, a severed left ear and a dental injury. She spent seven days in the hospital, where records also confirm memory loss and a combative disposition.Underlying auto limits of $250,000 / $500,000 were in place and the insured’s daughter was listed specifically on the Personal Umbrella Policy application as a driver. RLI ultimately paid $500,000 under the policy.

Boating fun quickly turns serious

The claim arises out of a boating accident. The policyholders are the owners of a speedboat, which is considered a “family” boat and made available to other members of the family for recreational use.Several family members were camping at a lake near the policyholders’ residence. One of the policyholders allowed them to use the boat during their stay. The policyholders’ 15-year-old grandson was allowed to take three other family members (all minors) out on the lake to go tubing. The 10-year-old claimant had just finished tubing. The tube and tow rope were placed in the stern of the boat and the claimant was sitting next to them.The conditions on the lake suddenly became very choppy and windy. The claimant was ejected from the rear of the boat along with the tube and the tow rope. The tow rope wrapped around the claimant’s neck, causing a significant injury.The claimant suffered an injury to her neck, trachea, esophagus as well as a fracture of the second cervical vertebrae. She was on a ventilator for 96 hours and in ICU for almost one month. The Personal Umbrella Policy contributed $700,000 on top of the primary coverages.

What does personal umbrella insurance cover?

It covers a stated amount over what a homeowners or auto policy limits will cover.

Limit A

$500,000 Bodily Injury per person/$500,000 Bodily injury per occurrence/$50,000 property damage per occurrence or $500,000 combined single limit per occurrence.

Limit B

$250,000 Bodily injury per person/$500,000 Bodily injury per occurrence/ $50,000 Property damage per occurrence or $300,000 combined single limits per occurrence.

Limit C

100,000 Bodily Injury per person/ $300,000 Bodily injury per occurrence/ $50,000 Property damage per occurrence (Excess UM/UMI not available for Limit C.

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Getting A Personal Umbrella Insurance Quote

Quoting online with 1st Quality is quick & easy answer a few simple question, give us some information about your homeowners & auto history & we will give you an accurate quote to consider.

The Insurance Quote Process


Fill in information about you.

You will need to provide contact information and a few other things about you.


Fill information about your motor vehicles.

Number of vehicles licensed for road use in household.


Fill in information about your watercraft & personal watercraft.

Number of watercraft &personal watercraft in household?.


Fill information about your residences.

Number of residential properties in household.

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What you will need to fill the quote online

Below are a list of items you will need to provide to get a personal umbrella quote from us online. The more accurate the information is, the more accurate your quote will be.

Vehicles Licensed

Number of vehicles licensed for road use in household.

Residential Properties

Number of residential properties in household.


Number of watercraft in household.


Number of personal watercraft in household? (Jet ski, etc.).


Number of drivers I household.

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